According to the Department of Labor, because they are over-represented in public sector government jobs, Black workers have faced higher than average layoffs due to reductions in federal, state, and local budgets. Read more


GfK MRI measures product usage and purchase behavior for over 6,000 brands in 550 categories. This comprehensive deck provides valuable insights and data about the African-American consumer in the Health & Beauty category, including information on: Read more


News stories about higher-than-average Black unemployment and poverty rates may cause advertisers to dismiss this group as one not worth marketing to, yet closer review of the numbers and trends reveals that this population segment continues to spend despite the obstacles it faces. Read more


Television viewers are more likely to watch shows that employ racially diverse casts and writers, according to a new study done at UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies. Read more


For most of its rather short life, Twitter Inc. rarely mentioned that its user base is more racially diverse than U.S. Internet users as a whole. Now, as a newly minted public company needing to generate revenue, it is moving to capitalize on its demographics. Read more


Many organizations still question whether multicultural marketing ROI is justifiable. But, think about it. Isn’t that like asking whether it makes sense to market to only some consumers who buy our products and services because we can’t figure out the value of marketing to all current or potential buyers? Read more


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